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The Ideal HVAC Lift

Genie® Superlift Contractor™ The ideal HVAC lift for all your material handling needs The Genie® SLC™ makes it easy to lift, position and install a wide variety of materials, including air conditioning units, heaters, ducts, and ventilation systems. Let Genie’s portable lifting equipment do all the heavy lifting. Single person maneuverability The Genie® Superlift Contractor® … Continue reading

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Perfect Event and Facility Lighting

Whether buying a light tower for your facility or renting for a special event, Terex light towers are perfectly suited for any need. For a more cost-conscious option, Terex metal halide light towers have been the go-to solution for consistent lighting for events and facilities for years. Terex® AL™4L – Battery Terex® AL™4L battery powered … Continue reading

Genie / Marketing Tools / Material Lifts / Products Highlights

An Alternative to Lifting

The Genie Lift is the safe, easy alternative to difficult and dangerous manual lifting in a variety of applications, such as: shipping/receiving, installing and repairing HVAC components, lifting and moving automotive parts, and manufacturing applications. With three base models and many accessories to choose from, the Genie Lift is ideal for all your material handling … Continue reading